Christmas with Johnny Mathis

Saturday, December 22, 2012 7:30PM

Christmas with Johnny Mathis

Chances are … this concert will add the perfect bow to your holiday gift! The sweetest crooner of all time joins the Oregon Symphony to put his magic touch on Christmas.

"… he graciously smoldered, glided, and soared through two hours' worth of songs… The years have affected neither the way Mathis hovers on the edge of a note nor the way he belts one out. He stands poised at the microphone, his stance never revealing whether the note will come from deep inside his belly or the tip of his tongue." – Billboard

Stephen D'Agustino, conductor (1st half)
Scott Lavender, conductor/pianist (2nd half)
Johnny Mathis, vocals

 Program …

Sponsored by: The Nines

Special Concert

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